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Tour dates are coming!

You guys….We cannot wait to get back on the road! We love touring because it means we get to interact with our amazing fans (YOU), share our music, and make new memories with the #ICONARMY.

We will be releasing over 30 new tour dates in just a few weeks, but that’s not the only thing we’re working on. Ariel has been hard at work finishing her book called Turn Your Pain Into Art, and we are so passionate about this message that we are naming our entire music tour the Turn Your Pain Into Art Tour.

What does “turn your pain into art” really mean?
It means taking all the mess and chaos we feel inside of us, and using it to create something meaningful. It means refusing to be defeated by life’s tragedies and choosing to keep pushing forward-bravely expressing what is inside of you. It means getting vulnerable, and sharing our struggles with the world, rather than being scared or too cool to show how we feel.

This tour is going to be like nothing we’ve ever done before. It is going to be a celebration of how far we have all come together, and a movement of deciding to take the pain we’ve all been through and use it to help and inspire other people.

We are so excited to have you be a part of this. In the coming weeks you will be receiving special goodies from us delivered straight to your inbox. And, on November 10, the tour dates will be live-and you’ll be the first to know*!

Thanks for always inspiring us. We can’t do any of this without you.
Icon For Hire

*Okay, okay full disclosure: Members of our fan club, Icon Army Headquarters will actually get the tour dates a couple days earlier…But, you know, we figure we owe it to them since they are kinda making the whole thing a reality. If you want to join up you can be in the SUPER INSIDER circle here: www.patreon.com/iconforhire

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