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Still Can’t Kill Us: Acoustic Sessions is HERE!

From the beginning, it was important to us to make an acoustic record *our way*, not just reuse the same vocal takes from the last album and slap a few acoustic guitar chords on top and call it a day. No. We spent weeks laboring over each song, letting it speak to us, trying to make more of the original heart of it shine through. What resulted was full of nuances and some of these tracks surprised us… we think you’re gonna dig it. Thanks for all the support….now it’s time to go work on the next album! Stream the record online everywhere, see your listening options at http://www.2lin.cc/stillcantkillus and get your hands on a physical copy at shop.iconforhire.net.

Check out why we made Still Can’t Kill Us and the official acoustic videos below!


Supposed to Be 


Get Well II

Under The Knife

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