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We're always hearing from fans who reallllllly want to come to a show, but their parents aren’t into it. So we thought we'd write dear mom or dad a letter you can show them to help you out. #yourewelcome   Dear mother/father/parental unit: You did a great job raising your kid. They’re smart, funny, and they have awesome taste in music. That’s why they like this band called Icon For Hire (hi!) and you may have heard...

“Why did you write a book?”

Hey Icon Army, When we started this band a few years back, I could not have guessed I would one day write a book. I just wanted to connect with other people who felt like I did, and I wanted to use the most powerful weapon I knew: music. As we grew, it became clear our music was attracting a certain type of people. The messy ones. The hungry ones. The kinds of people who were...